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english ACTS 3.0 EGA Bible maps text and quiz 
An interactive Bible atlas and quiz based on the N.T. book of Acts. Visually follow the journeys of the 1st century apostles as you read. ANIMATED NEW TESTAMENT v3.0 
helps children (and adults) learn the books of the New Testament. The books are scrambled, use the mouse or keyboard to select them in proper order. Help is given as needed. Animated rewards are given for successful completion. EGA and Hard Drive required. Keyboard and mouse support. FREEWARE from FLIX Productions. BIBLE AID for OS/2 Demo King James Version - V.1.0 
You will no longer be forced to fumble throug your Bible to find "just the right verse." Easily and quickly find the strength and guidance you need from scripture. Also contains Hichcockís Bible Names Dictionary. Available for Windows. Distribute freely. Shareware. Contact author at Bible jumbles 2 Places sort
bbltst.arj Triva game
Bible Men The Game is a neat little quiz game.
The game is can be played in one of two modes, Old Testament or New Testament.
Biblequiz english Robert S. Smith
Bible quiz game 1000 questions by Robert Smith
Bible-Q is a quiz-type game
The game contains 800 questions drawn from the Scriptures. The questions are multiple-choice and arranged in five categories: Old Testament 1, Old Testament 2, Geography, Life of Jesus, and New
BIBLE JUMBLES 1 - NAMES Guess what the jumbled name is. 
Over 300 Bible names with scriptural references. It is both fun and educational. You can play OT only, NT only, the entire Bible, or Women of the Bible. EGA or VGA required.
Bible search and study program - The complete King James New Testament text in an easy-to-use, 3-D graphical user interface. It includes a powerful text search, maps, timeline, personal notes linked to the Scripture, tutorial, context sensitive help, and hypertext study aids. Shareware (ab $14.95) (c) 1993/1994 Rocky Mountain Labs
New Testament Bible Trivia Game (XT) GENESOFT BIBLE TRIVIA GAME 
New Testament Demo (Ver 1.0) Copyright 1988 Genesoft All rights reserved The intent of this demo is to promote our exciting Bible Trivia Game. The object of the game is to inspire the players to learn about the BIBLE in a competitive and fun way.
Old Testament Bible Trivia Game (XT) GENESOFT BIBLE TRIVIA GAME Demo 
Copyright 1987 Genesoft All rights reserved Demo of the GENESOFT BIBLE TRIVIA GAME The object of the game is to inspire the players to learn about the BIBLE in a competitive and fun way. All of the questions you see in this demo were taken from the Old Testament in the King James version of The Holy Bible.
A conservative Bible-centered history of the world from creation to the present Copyright (c) 1991 by Bill Lovegrove
How old was Abraham when Jacob was born? What Biblical leaders were alive when the first Olympic games were held? BIBLE-TIMELINE lets you sort and selects individual people and events, or groups and factions, to develop new insights and trace patterns across different eras and cultures. You can modify or expand any of the datasets. BIBLE-TIMELINE anyone interested in exploring historical relations or cultural events. BIBLE-TIMELINE includes a special gamemaker function and which randomly creates and presents questions of various kinds from datasets (for 1 or more players).
Digitized by Cardinalis Etext Press, C.E.K. Posted to Wiretap in June 1993, as pilgrim.txt. This text is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. (Transcribed by C.E.K. from an uncopyrighted 1942 edition.)
The Roman Catolic bible has the answer Text
Christian Christian Names
Christian Text Adventure Color
FISHGAME A Bible quiz using fish
GOSPEL PARALLELS Side by side NT Bible 
All 4 gospels appear on screen side by side for reading, scrolling, word search and studying. Includes notepad, chronological index & instant parallel passage displays. Maps. Version 2.1
The Great Exchange is a computerized adaptation of an evangelism method authored by Rev. David Vallesky The program is an interactive "slide show" with screens and text to explain the basic message of the Bible. 
You may make copies of this program and share them with others as long as you do not receive money or any other consideration for these copies.
Godís Word for Windows is an easy to use Bible reference program that runs under Microsoft Windows Version 3.0*. 
Godís Word for Windows will help you study the Bible more effectively by making it more accessible.
This demonstration version of Godís Word For Windows contains the books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Hebrew bible quiz
Text file detailing how to have a better prayer life
Illustration of the Exodus
KINGS Timetable find Kings Kings of Israel 
Scripture Reference Program
Bible Crossword Puzzles Attractive VGA game 
Solve electronic crossword puzzles on your computer. Answer peek, save work options featured. Requires mouse, VGA & hard disk.
Bible Baseball for Windows version 1.4 This game contains 4 classifications of questions. They are SINGLE, DOUBLE, TRIPLE, and HOME RUN. 
This version of WinBB contains 100 questions (40 SINGLE, 20 DOUBLE, 20 TRIPLE, and 20 HOME RUN). Questions are taken from several different transalations. Enjoy the game and try to absorb some of the wisdom from the greatest book ever written!
GRAPE VINE 3.0 Colorful EGA Bible game 
Very similar in play to "Wheel Of Fortune" and "Hangman", but now with a new twist! EGA & hard disk required.
Triquetra a symbol of trinity
The Word NOW! Bringing The Word to your PC 
Version 2.0 Copyright 1993,1994 Serenity Products
Sword Master is an educational game 
that leads the user through the memorization of over 220 passages of scripture. Each passage is categorized into a major Bible theme such as Heaven, Salvation, etc.
"Scripture Quest" was written for the purpose of testing oneís knowledge of the Bible. Questions dealing with Bible word meanings, doctrines, prophecies, commandments, history, biography, and geography are some of the types of questions that will be found within this program. "Scripture Quest" is copyrighted shareware software. It is NOT public domain.
RELIGN .PCX Clip-Art With A Religious Theme (Mixed)
Paul's First Journey (Adventure)
Visual Illustrations Vol. 1 DOS VGA 
IBM/compatible computerized book of 10 Christian object lessons. Use these lessons for children's worship, Sunday school, youth groups, Vacation Bible School, camp, sermon starters/ illustrations, or devotional talks. The things you learn from this book will give you tools that you can use to create your own visual effects and teaching tools.
New Testament for Windows v1.55
The program features the complete New Testament of the King James Bible in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Included is a powerful text search, color maps, timeline, personal notes linked to the corresponding Scripture, tutorial, context-sensitive help, and studyaids with topical hypertext links to events, parables and miracles in the life of Christ. Rocky Mountain Laboratories. Reg. fee $14.95
    Die angegebenen Spiele- und Programme sind grundsätzlich als "Info- bzw. Lehrprogramme" einzustufen.  

Dear Author, if you have an update of your program, please let me know :-)
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